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WINTONS operates a booking system and everybody must follow the same Rules. Once you have become a Member of the Fishery, you are issued with a Membership Card with a unique number.


Booking is essential at all times, please call and give the date(s), times and lake required, together with your Membership Number. Your Membership Number, not name will then be entered into the book, which reserves you a space on the lake, but not a specific swim. If you are booking for other Members, please also have their Membership Numbers available. The swims are then taken on a “first come, first served” basis.


Bookings can be made up to 6.00 pm on the phone or in person while the office is open.


No booking can be made more than six weeks in advance, unless a 50% deposit is paid at the time of booking.


When you arrive at the Fishery for your session, your Membership Card must be posted through the office letterbox with your tariff money or cheque (made payable to Wintons Fishery), BEFORE you leave the car-park and choose your swim.







1)  DAILY TARIFF MONEY to be paid BEFORE leaving the car park

2)  Barbless hooks at ALL times. No treble hooks. NO EXCEPTIONS. NB: Micro barbed or crushed hooks are not classified as barbless hooks

3)  No wire to be used

4)  No mainline braid to be used, including Fireline on site

5)  No lead core

6)  Landing nets (50 inch minimum) will be ready before fishing commences

7)  Landing nets and weigh slings to be dipped before fishing

8)  Sparingly used “loose feed” and ground bait allowed

9)  Unhooking mats must be used at all times

10) Only weigh slings to be used for weighing fish

11) No retaining fish at any time

12) Two rods only in the water at any time

13) All fish to be returned immediately after weighing

14) No rod to be left unattended in any circumstances

15) Fishing area as pegged, no fishing in the area of the Boathouse

16) No fishing from islands or boats. There should be at least 10 metres clear water between each pitch

17) Restricted bait use — no particle bait, except sweetcorn, hemp and pellets. No artificial baits of any description

18) No live/dead baiting between September-March

19) No pike fishing

20) No bait boats

21) No swimming or wading.

22) No walking on ice

23) No litter whatsoever, bins are provided

24) Anyone found fishing illegally will be reported to the police

25) Punts and boats used only by the Management or allowed by Management

26 )No abuse or damage to wildlife and shrubs

27) No dogs allowed

28) No alcohol, allowed on the premises

29) Stock ponds are out of bounds for fishing

30) No radios, cassettes or open fires

31) At all times treat neighbours with respect

32) All vehicles to be parked in the car park

33) A five mile an hour speed limit is imposed everywhere on the site, including the long drive

34 )Hours of fishing and tariffs as posted in the office

35) Anything abnormal to be reported to the Office

36) Any problems regarding fish should be reported to the Office e.g. dead fish, fungus etc.

37) Record all catches in the Record Book, specimen fish to be witnessed

38) An Environment Agency Licence to be owned and obeyed

39) No responsibility will be accepted for loss, damage, injury or death etc., however caused

40) Final ruling rests with the Fishery

41) Any subject not covered in the Rules are at the sole discretion of Alan Etherington












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Wintons Fishery

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