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Trow Pool

TROW POOL's a closed fishery (about two acres) where you can fish all year round for Carp (common, mirror, ghost and leather), Tench, Roach, Perch and Rudd. There's talk of a Pike but that may be a fishy story. There's an island at the north end and a small jetty at the south end. Much of the perimeter is enclosed by trees which give shelter from the wind and allow stalking tactics.  


Most of our our bailiffs are trained first aiders and understand the importance of safety. They visit regularly spending time with anglers to give guidance, help or tuition, if needed. You must fish Trow with a permit and, subject to checking with us first, you can night fish.


If like us you're passionate about freshwater fishing then you'll enjoy this web site. It includes coarse fishing tactics, bait presentation, use of a bubble float, use of bread, best time to fish, catch rate, favourite baits, hooks, line strength, legering, free lining and other useful information.























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Trow Pool is situated behind the water tower just north of the M40, past junction 9, Bicester (latitude 51.9203, longitude -1.2066). You can't gain access to it from the motorway, instead you'll need to go through the village of Bucknell.


It's located between Middleton Stoney and Bucknell (Oxford, England) just beyond the flyover from Bucknell (see photo opposite).


Park at the top of the entrance and do not obstruct the farmer's gate - see parking. Then walk down to the water tower and along the footpath, in all it's about a five minute walk.


If you have special needs then we can arrange to have the gate opened to allow you to drive down to the water tower and park much nearer.