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Thorpe Lea Fishery - Surrey


Thorpe Lea Fishery is a premier day ticket water, set in 18 acres near the M25 and M3 motorways.


Open All Year Round

On site Refreshments

Single Day Permits

60 Swims

Secure Parking

Stocked in 2003 with 2,500 prime carp to 18lb from British Waterways' bagging Mecca, Drayton Reservoir, Thorpe Lea has already proved itself to be a spectacular fishery and the carp are packing on the weight fast with four 30lb fish already reported. Bottom baits, floaters, zig rigs, method feeders, bagging wagglers and even the fly all scored in 2004 with non-stop action and mega hauls of carp.


 One of the swims at Thorpe Lea Fishery ready for anglers.

You too can experience the fishery that everyone has been talking about and since 2007 you can now night fish our lake - just don't expect to get much sleep!


Transportation from the car park to the swims is provided free of charge for the disabled, with a small charge made for others if needed.


Special Notes - Please Read!

Bait Boats: Please note as from the 5th of August 2008 there will be no bait boats allowed to be used on the lake.


 The notice board at the entrance to Thorpe Lea Fishery.

No litter will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave if there is litter in, or around, your swim.

Only marked pegs may be fished, no swim building or clearing is permitted.

All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible.

No sacks or keep nets.

No bait boats.

No braided main line can be used.

No unattended rods.

BARBED hooks only you will be checked!

No particles are permitted

Except hemp, corn/maize and pellets.

All anglers must use a large padded unhooking mat.

A height barrier is in place at this fishery, take care.



Note: In order to keep our fish in top condition regular checks will be made to hooks, rigs and equipment being used, if you are unsure please ask the bailiff. Please make sure your landing net is a suitable size for the fish you wish to catch.



















Lakes Website

Telephone: 01784 492182  


•Onsite Bailiff: 07934 000559


•Email: [email protected] 



Ticket Prices

Adult £12.00

Junior £9.00

OAP £9.00

24 Hour £24.00



Thorpe Lea Fishery

Thorpe Lea Road




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Lake, 18 acres.   »View



This fishery has no closed season. Tickets are available 365 days a year.


Opening Times

Gates open at 6.30am and will be locked again at dusk. When you arrive please purchase all tickets from our onsite office near the main gate.



Juniors under 18 are not allowed to fish at any time unless accompanied by an adult - Rod licenses will be checked to confirm.


Rod Limits

2 Rods