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The Willows- Ridge

The lake is approximately 1.25 acres, well matured with six islands with depths ranging from 4 to 6ft. It has many features including rushes, reeds, water lilies and overhanging willows. The Ridge pool has 26 pegs all with good platforms.


The main species in the Ridge pool are,


Carp to 10lb, Crucian Carp to 2lb, Chub to 2lb, Tench to 5lb, Ide to 3lb


(Click here to view more images of the Ridge pool.)


Best match baits


Pellet. Fished shallow feeding with micro pellets via a Kinder pot, pellet on the hook tight against a feature, overhanging willow, lily pad, or reeds. Alternately on the deck but tight over.


Worm. Fished tight to the island feeding chopped worm with a ¾ inch segment on the hook.


Maggot. Fished tight over both shallow and on the deck.


Sweetcorn. Feeding sparsely with a couple of grains over hemp with a single grain on the hook.


Catmeat and Hemp. Putting the catmeat through a quarter inch riddle the mixing it with hemp and fishing single cubed.


Luncheon meat. Put the luncheon meat through a maggot riddle using this for feed and a ¼ inch cube on the hook fished tight to the island.


Pleasure Fishing. Bread, dog biscuits or floating pellets account for good catches of carp on the waggler or pole.


(Please note that bread, dog biscuits or any floating baits are not allowed in any matches)











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