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Tanridge Lakes

Tandridge Lake


Environment Agency fishing licences are needed to fish these waters

Below are the Rules for Day Ticket fishing at Tandridge Lake. Please read them carefully as they preserve the quality of fishing that we provide. You are expected to have read, understood and agreed to these rules before being allowed to fish.

Please note that it is seen as a violation of our rules if any angler is found breaking the Code of Good Practice. The owner and bailiffs reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lake or rules.


Contact Dave Withers on 07860 543370


The rules are:


· Day ticket on request.

· Please use the swims provided.

· Please remove all litter and excess bait from swims.

· All feed baits to be used in moderation.

· Ensure careful handling of fish at all times.

· When un-hooking fish an un-hooking/Carp mat MUST be used.

· Barbless hooks to be used only.

· All fish caught must be returned into the lake.

· Landing nets to be supplied by yourselves and must be of a suitable size and of carp friendly material.

· No keepnets allowed.

· Fishing hours are between Dawn and Dusk only (No night fishing).

· Tackle must not be left unattended in swims for longer than one hour. Any tackle left for longer than this will be removed.

· All children must remain within responsible adult supervision. If children are found causing havoc, or messing with grounds or habitat/wildlife, all parties will be asked to leave.

· No destruction of landscape or wildlife.

· No swimming or wading.



















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