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Stanwick Lakes

Located in Northamptonshire, the Complex consists of 6 mature lakes, including a  day ticket specimen carp lake with fish to 39lb, and a syndicate carp lake. Our aim is to cater for a variety of anglers, from pleasure to serious matchmen and specimen anglers, whether you want to fish for a few hours or all weekend. The day ticket Specimen Carp Lake is  Elsons, and back in the 80's, was run as the Mid Northants Carp Fishery, one of the premier carp waters in the country, and fished by the top Carp Anglers at the time.

Now, 20 years on, it has matured into a beautiful lake, surrounded by large trees. The lake is around six acres in size, with depths ranging from 6-9ft. Surrounded by reeds, the lake features several gravel bars, sunken and overhanging trees, and lily pads.


There are quite a few large carp in the lake, and at the time of writing, there are at least 6 known fish over 30lb, the biggest being just over 39lb, and many more over 20lb. There are a maximum of 12 anglers allowed on at any one time so booking is advisable.


The complex consists of 6 mature lakes and caters for a variety of anglers from pleasure to serious matchmen and specimen anglers, whether you want to fish for a few hours or all night.


Also benefits from off road parking and toilet facilities



For match Booking please contact Phil on: 07974 300015 .


E.Mail  [email protected]



Day Ticket Prices


General Day Tickets   ( Car Park, Mallard, Coot and Swan)


Adults                              £5 - 1 Rod,  £6 - 2 Rods,  £7 - 3 Rods                                                                                                                                                    

24hr Ticket                       £12.00  for 2 Rods    Extra Rod £1




Junior/Senior Citizen      £3.50    up to 2 Rods    Extra Rod £1


24hr Ticket                        £7.00        "        "               "





Elsons Lake     (Booking necessary)        


Day                                           £10            


24hrs                                         £15



















Lakes Website

E.Mail  :

[email protected]


To book a swim call Mark on 07850  818850






We are located on the A45 eastbound carriageway between the Stanwick roundabout and the roundabout at the A6 intersection. The entrance is through a metal gate located at the end of the first layby. This gives you access to the Main Car Park. Turn left  and follow the track and this will take you to the Swan Car Park. Syndicate members have a key to access another Car Park along the side of Elsons Lake. You cannot gain access to the Complex from the Stanwick Lakes Country Park entrance on the Stanwick roundabout