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This 18 acre water remains one of the top day ticket lakes in the UK and many anglers visiting this beautifully mature water, some for the first time, have gone home happy in the knowledge that they had caught a personal best carp, tench, catfish, pike or even bream.


The carp still continue to grow and in the last two years there have been four different fish caught between 40 and 44lbs. St. Johns is probably one of the most prolific twenties and thirties day ticket waters in the country. With the phenomenal growth rate that has been recorded there over the years there is every good reason to say this and nothing to say that it will not improve even more. Not including the forties Linear estimate that the water could hold up to forty 30 pound plus fish which have been recorded to weights over 37lb; in addition the water holds a very large head of twenties. In 2007 despite the heavy flooding and the poor fishing weather that followed mirrors to 44lbs and a common just under 40lbs were recorded.


Linear's stocking policy on the water is ongoing and selected carp from our stock ponds are being introduced regularly. We estimate that the current carp stock levels are close to 800 fish. The lake records for carp stand at 41.04 for a common and 44.06 for a mirror.


Catfish regularly feature in catches. These have been caught at weights of over 76lb and are now regularly targeted by catfish anglers. St. Johns is the only one of our waters that has been stocked with catfish. Pike to over 20lbs are known to be present and in the past the water has produced fish to over 28lbs. The tench fishing can also be brilliant and fish to over 12lb along with bream of over 15lb have been recorded.


St. Johns and Manor Farm Lakes are close together and are separated by an area of land. This area has been landscaped and contains two parking areas for those fishing the two lakes. There are toilets placed at strategic points around both of the lakes and another in the main Hardwick car park across the road. The building that is located on this land between the two lakes contains a shower and toilet block which will be open between 9am and 5pm in both the summer and winter months. This is also close to the times that the main St. Johns and Manor Farm gates will be open for parking – so if you plan to leave the waters after the gates are locked at 7pm summer or 5pm winter you should park your car in the Hardwick car park across the road. We keep the St. Johns and Manor Farm gates locked at night for security reasons but this will not stop you going onto the two waters if the gates are locked – just park in the Hardwick car park across the road and use the pedestrian gates that are situated on each side of the main gate – you can move your car over when the gate is opened. One small area of bank is out of bounds to fishing on the west bank of St. Johns and an even smaller area of the west bank of Manor Farm-this is clearly signposted.


There is no drinking water on the site but if you are staying for any length of time there is a store only a few minutes away in Stanton Harcourt where they will not only replenish your food stocks but supply you with drinking water. Alternatively, Roy Parsons, the Head Bailiff, if he is not busy, will fill your water container for you.




Mirror Carp 44lb 6oz

Common Carp 41lb 4oz

Ghost Carp 33lb 0oz

Catfish 76lb 0oz

Pike 28lb 2oz

Bream 15lb 0oz

Tench 12lb 8oz

Roach 2lb 9oz






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