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Spring Lea Fishery


Spring Lea is a series of five pools, offering great day ticket coarse fishing.


The pools are well stocked with hard fighting carp and a wide range of other species. This offers a range of angling to suit everyone from the experienced angler, who can set their sights on one of the 20 lb plus carp, to beginners, children and those who are returning to angling after some years away.


The 5 hour match weight record is 182lbs by K Humphreys on Mallard Pool, peg 30 - July 06


Spring Lea is located 6 miles south west of Shrewsbury, between the villages of Hanwood and Pontesbury, in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, offering lovely views of the Shropshire hills

Spring Lea is open all year and daily from 7.00 a.m to dusk.


Charges are £6 per rod per day and £5 for children. Tickets are payable on the bank. See the full rules of the fishery.  


Trevor Potter opened Spring Lea in 1991, with two pools, Kingfisher and Horseshoe. He added the Mallard pool in 1994 and the orfe pool in 1996. In the Summer of 2003, a fifth pool, Trevors Pool, was opened


We have 2 static 6 berth caravans which are available for hire and spaces for 20 touring caravans. The touring pitches £10 per night or £14 per night with electric hookup. The pitch fee includes use of the showers. More details........


Weekly open matches are held at Spring Lea and the pools can also be booked for club matches, but at least one (and usually more) of the pools is always open for pleasure anglers.


For anglers with restricted mobility, cars can be brought right to the waters edge behind many of the pegs. We have had many disabled anglers visit Spring Lea and have hosted several matches for disabled anglers.


 Mallard Pool


Mallard Pool was opened in 1994.

At about 2 acres and having 48 pegs, it is the largest of the pools at Spring Lea.


It gently slopes to a maximum depth of 8 feet, but anglers should not ignore the margins, as some of the best carp are often caught close in, near the rushes.



Horseshoe Pool


As its name suggests the pool is horseshoe shaped, bordered on one side my mature trees, providing good shelter on windy days.


Smaller than Mallard, the 26 pegs have been cut amongst the reeds and rushes which surround the pool.


Depths gently slope to a maximum of around 6 feet.


Mallard is the pool used the most often for matches and there are usually open matches on Saturdays and Sundays. It is available though, for pleasure fishing most evenings and weekdays.


Mallard pool contains common, mirror, leather, ghost, grass and crucian carp. There are many double figure carp and several have exceeded 20lb. There are also good tench to over 3lb as well as roach, rudd, bream, perch and orfe.


The pool was extensively restocked in 2000 and new fish are regularly added.


The record match weight is 182 lb (peg 11) for a 5 hour match caught in June 2004. See the Match Fishing page for more details. Pleasure bags regularly exceeded 100lb.


On all 5 pools, both pole and rod catch well. Corn, meat bread and maggots are always popular, but most baits are usually successful at various times.


Kingfisher Pool


Kingfisher Pool was the first pool created at Spring Lea, in 1991.


It is a very interesting shape, with a large main section and a much smaller secluded one, connected by a long tree lined channel, providing anglers with many varied and attractive pegs.


A small bridge leads to the larger of the two islands in the pool.




Horseshoe holds common, mirror, leather, ghost and crucian carp, the biggest caught 25lbs in 2007.

Pleasure bags of over 50lb are regularly caught. There are also good stocks of tench as well as roach, rudd, orfe, bream and perch.


Horseshoe is sometimes used at weekends for club and open matches, but is often open pleasure anglers.




Orfe Pool


The Orfe Pool was opened in 1996.


It was designed with match fishing in mind, being a quite a regular oblong shape.


It has a distinctive shelf, falling from about 4 feet deep at 9 metres to 8 feet deep in the middle.


The smaller of the two sections of the pool and the channel are surrounded by mature trees.

The small section has only room for about 7 or 8 anglers and the pegs have been cut between the gaps between the trees, making it a great spot for those who prefer a more secluded place to fish. The swims have lots of places for the carp to hide - beneath the overhanging trees or amongst the reeds and rushes. But beware, fish too close to them and it is very difficult to stop the carp before it gets in the rushes and snaps you!


Kingfisher holds common and mirrors to double figures. There are also good stocks of crucians, tench, roach, orfe, bream and perch.



It is stocked with crucian and small mirror and common carp and good numbers of silver fish - roach, rudd, bream, perch and tench. The biggest carp caught in Orfe Pool was 17lb in the summer of 2004


The pool is bordered by reeds and rushes with the pegs cut in between them.Trevors Pool


A new fifth pool was opened in the summer of 2003. Named Trevors Pool, in memory of Trevor Potter, who created Spring Lea in 1991.


It has has a central island running its full length. It has a width of about 13 metres from the bank to the island.


Trevors Pool is stocked with crucian and small carp and good numbers of silver fish - roach, rudd, bream and tench.

Despite only being open since 2003, Pleasure bags of over 100 lb have already been caught.

Regular club matched are held on Trevors Pool.







































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