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 Southlake at 18 acres with around 30 swims is our main carp fishery. There are at least 10 different 30lb fish including 2 commons and the lake record, a mirror at 39lb 10oz. These are supported by a stock of 20lb fish with a large proportion of these being upper twenties. The non-carp anglers are catered for with tench to over 9lb, plus good stocks of roach, rudd and perch.


Pike anglers will also find Southlake to be very productive in the winter, as multiple catches are possible with plenty of fish to low doubles


Southlake Angling Society is a thriving angling club, situated in Woodley, Berkshire. Established in the 1960's the Society has three venues, catering for the specimen hunter, match and pleasure angler alike.



Southlake AS was started on a former estate lake at Southlake in Woodley. A number of years later we took on our second venue, a gravel pit lake at Tippings Lane (no longer on the ticket). And then in 1976 we started to rent another gravel pit lake near Twyford from Redlands Aggregates (now Lafarge), this lake known as Redlands was purchased by the club in 1999.


There have been many stockings of Carp, Tench and silver fish over the years and more will take place in the future.


We are very proud of our fisheries. We believe we offer a superb selection giving members virtually all the sport they could wish for.


Southlake Angling Society presently have 2 lakes and a small stretch of river, all of which provide excellent fishing throughout the season.




Situated within Woodley, Southlake is a former estate lake. Predominantly a carp fishery with fish to 39lb 10oz, there is also a good head of tench, roach, rudd, perch and pike.





Situated near Whistley Green, Twyford, Redlands is owned by the society. This lake is a general fishery with large shoals of bream, good stocks of roach, rudd, tench, perch, pike and a good head of carp. Redlands has swims to cater for disabled anglers.


There is also a small stretch of the river Loddon, running alongside the lake which produces varied bags of barbell, chub, roach and dace.

















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If you would like to join or have any questions about Southlake Angling Society please contact us at the following:


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