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Shillinglee Fishery

Shillinglee Day Ticket Fishery located on the Surrey / Sussex border consists of five ponds, the main specimen lake, which is the one most day ticket anglers and carp anglers prefer, is a beautiful spring fed lake of approximately 6.5 Acres in size with lots of natural features and wildlife plus some very good fishing.


This fishery has been run as a day ticket water since 1995 attracting many anglers from all over Surrey and Sussex and has featured in the angling press on a number of occasions. Prior to that it was run as an exclusive syndicate water, having been known for its above average Carp, Tench and Pike for many years.


The specimen lake is renowned for its variety of fish with Common and Mirror Carp currently being caught to well over 30 lb, and if recent catches are anything to go by some lucky day ticket angler will catch our first 40lb Carp very soon. Tench regularly weigh in at around 8lbs. Our largest Pike went to 42lb a few years back but having not been seen for quite some time we expect she has died, but you never know. Our known current best Pike is 25lb but growing quickly so what she will weigh by the end of the year?


The Specimen lake caters not just for the big fish angler but has a good stock of specimen Roach, Perch and Golden Rudd for those who prefer lighter tackle, whilst still enjoying a nice days fishing. There are not many day ticket waters which offer such good fishing set in such a natural landscape.


We are open all year round 6.30am to dusk with day tickets bought on the bankside.


Before fishing please take time to read the rules.



Our Specimen Lake in the spring as the lily's just start to appear.


The Main Lake is Stunning it has produced a 41lb.Pike in March 2005, which says a lot for the perfect balance of the lake. Recently one Common Carp and two different Mirror Carp were caught over thirty pounds all perfect specimens of our true native fish that have spent all their lives living in the lake.


We only stock with our own home bred fish. Good quality 18mm boilies on a hair rig catch the carp, the lake is full of features and its best to cast towards any of them, and sit quietly and wait and hope that your luck is in. If you fish on a Saturday ask the bailiff Andy to show you where the most recent hot spots are. What he doesn't know about the lake is probably not worth knowing. Ask him nicely and he may show you the dozens of big carp that he has caught and if you are lucky he will tell you how and where he caught them. Tench are regularly caught over seven pounds, they like sweet corn, sweet flavoured boilies and lob worms. Fish to the bubbles. The Perch, Rudd and roach abound with bread maggot and luncheon meat doing the trick.


This lake is open all year round for coarse fishing and October to March for Pike fishing, with day tickets bought on the bankside


The Pike are best caught on fresh dead bait. The forty pounder has been caught on mackerel and sardine, the bigger the better. Because of the size of the pike we strictly enforce the rules with regard to non barbed trebles, so do not think of using barbed hooks please.










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Here's how you can get in touch with us;-


Phone: Tel: 01428 707455  


E-mail: [email protected] 


Post:  Lakeside Fisheries

Plaistow Road








Day Ticket fishing: Specimen Lake


£8.00 for one rod. £10.00 for two rods. After 4pm. £6.00  

£12.00 for three rods 1st October to 31st May only.

Children under 14 £6.00 for one rod.


Day Ticket fishing: Silverdale


£8.00 for a single rod.

Silverdale pond with BBQ £60.00 including six tickets for the Specimen lake.

Need to pre-book on 01428 707455


Day Ticket fishing: Foxdale


    £25-00. books the whole pond for the day. pre-book by telephone or e-mail


Day Dicket fishing: Canal Pond


      £8.00 for one rod