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Rowallen Fisheries

Rowallen Fisheries manage two lakes at Moor Hall Farm in Ninfield, East Sussex. The old lake since 1998 and and the new lake since it was excavated in 2001. Both are fully stocked with Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach and Rudd. Each lake is designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere with individual swims cut into the natural vegeation that is allowed to grow to provide cover for the fish and wildlife. The proprietors, Chas Rowland and George Allen, have been in lake management for over 17 years. They are both keen anglers and it is this which drives them to continually ensure that Moor Hall Farm provides a good days sport.


Currently two lakes. The larger of the two, dug in 2001, is a two and a half acre water with depths up to ten feet. The smaller, formerly two ponds joined togetherin 1997,is approximately one and a half acres with depths up to 11 feet. The lakes have been allowed to develop naturally with plenty of growth to provide cover for the fish and wildlife. Both lakes have swims cut into the growth at regular intervals to prevent overcrowding. Rowallen operate a closed season from May 1st till June 15th.


Both lakes are stocked mainly with Rowallens own fish, known to be disease free and hard fighting.


This season (2006) the new lake has produced mirror carp to 24lb 4oz, common carp to 24lb 10oz, tench to 4lb, perch to 3lb 8oz, roach to 2lb 8oz and rudd to 2lb.


The old lake has carp to 17lb 8oz, tench to 5lb, perch to 3lb and roach and rudd to 2lb.


Just turn up and fish. George or Chas will collect your money on the bank.


Day Ticket:£7 for two rods

Season Ticket: £40

Season Ticket Concessions: £30

Note: All under 16's to be accompanied by an adult.













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