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Situated in the heart of the Thames Valley, just south of Oxford approximately one mile from the delightful and historic village of Dorchester-on-Thames, Orchid Lakes has a long history and fine reputation for providing carp angling which is second to none. Last year 117 30's were landed along with hundreds of fish up to 30lbs. All 30lb carp are photographed night or day regardless of the time.


At Orchid Lakes we look after the anglers, first and foremost your tackle is safe and your car is safe. As it is my back garden we don't have theft and vandalism that so many other lakes suffer from. Our aim iis to give the angler as much help and information as possible to enable them to catch fish. Our bailiffs will spend time pointing out known features so that you get a better picture of the lakes, while Phil Smith will impart some of his long standing knowledge of catching big fish. When I purchased the lakes in '95 I have kept a daily log of all the fish caught in Orchid. To check out the latest captures click on Catch Returns on the menu.


In 1995 Marsh Pratley, the big fish specialist and expert, became the new owner and started the task of transforming the waters into what is now one of the best organised day ticket fisheries in the country - one by which future fisheries will be measured.


Set in delightful surroundings, there are three, well stocked, mature gravel pit lakes all of which are maintained in perfect order with very large, purpose built swims in prominent areas around Orchid Lake.


The lakes are surrounded by large mature oak, poplars and magnificent weeping willows which offer protection and privacy giving the lakes a renown and aesthetic appeal.


In addition to the wonderfully stocked waters and perfect angling facilities, a superb anglers' lodge has been constructed providing anglers with ladies, gents and disabled toilets together with a shower for those wishing to spend a bit longer on the bank. The Lodge also has a cafe where you can talk fishing over a cup of tea.


As an added service to anglers, transport is made available to take you and your tackle to your chosen swim.


At 17.6 acres this delightful lake is surrounded by an abundance of mature trees, including many impressive weeping willows conveying a feeling of seclusion in many of the custom built swims. As one would expect on a specialist carp fishery, the swims have been purpose built to meet anglers' requirements.


Although the lake has over the years become well known for the quality of its general fishing it has recently come to National prominence for its reputation for producing very large carp.


There are between 25 and 30 different thirties with four of them recorded at over 37lbs, one of them weighing in at an impressive 41lb this year, backing this up, there are perhaps some two or three hundred carp up to 30lbs. Each year invariably see's one or two new thirtys on the bank.


Orchid lake probably offers one of the best chance of a thirty that you could possibly have on any day ticket water in the country. Along the way you can experience the pleasure of attending an extremely well run, secure and very attractive fishery.








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Orchid Lakes

Abingdon Road,

Dorchester on Thames,

OX10 7LP


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