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Merrington Fishery

Merrington Carp Fishery is situated in North Shropshire and is set deep in the heart of unspoilt countryside away from traffic noise and is a truly peaceful and tranquil setting. It is likely to become Shropshire's premier day ticket water and offers both day and night fishing with only carp stocked into the lake.The lake is a purpose built 9 acre carp fishery with both visible and underwater features in every swim. With 18 swims to choose from the lake is reed lined with islands, bays and plenty of magnificent carp to catch.



The fishery has been well stocked with some of the best true blue British carp in the country,

the Wellington Park strain, that have regularly

topped 40lbs. In spring 2005 it received it's first stocking of "Welly Carp" and in test fishing they have been caught to over 28lbs. We expect the first 30 will be caught in 2006 as there are certainly bigger fish present than the current record, and a further stocking will be introduced in winter 2005. No other fish have been stocked as this is purely a carp water making it likely to become one of the best day ticket waters in the north.




  12 Hours  £13.00

  24 Hours  £20.00





  12 Hours £10.00

  24 Hours £15.00














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