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Mayfly Aquacare

Longreed Lake

Established in 1997 & based in East Sussex, Mayfly Aquacare provides all the facilities for your water body, be it a small garden pond or an extensive commercial fishery, as well as two tranquil fishing lakes .



Longreed Lakes

Longreed is a one and a half acre interesting shaped & feature packed carp water with 7 swims (there is a new stalking swim in the narrow channel at the top of the lake). This year we have extended the lake to create more space for the fish and open up the back pool swim.


There are three islands, numerous lily beds and substantial island and marginal reed growth. Depths reach seven feet in the troughs and holes but average four to five feet elsewhere.


As well as these obvious features there are numerous others, such as silt beds, clay bars and plateaus.


Meticulous management and a selective stocking and harvesting programme has ensured the fish remain healthy and maintain a year on year weight gain.


This year is the first time longreed has produced carp over 30lbs . Since Feb 2009 three have graced the banks. All commons and thought to be different fish. The top mirror has crept up a couple more pounds to 28lb 8oz and several other mirrors have clambered over the 20lb mark. The average weight now stands at 24lb 8oz.


The whole of longreed can be booked for a maximum of 5 anglers for £50 per day.


To help with the walk down to longreed we now supply trolleys please ask before you turn up as they are locked away!


Longreed is not a runs water, but the quality of fish and beautiful surroundings more than compensate.


Rollover image to see Swims




Longreed fish are mainly taken on good quality freezer or home made baits. Fishy and fruit combos work well.

On both lakes, short sessions with well presented rigs and bait are often more effective, than long stays.




Longreed Lakes Rules


We will supply you with a landing net, weigh sling and unhooking mat. This is to help prevent the spread of diseases, such as KHV.

No Carp sacks or keepnets to be brought onto site

Fishing from the woodchipped areas only – no stalking.

Barbless hooks only.

No fixed lead/method rigs.

No retaining of fish

Rods not to be left unattended

No fishing for the Pike!

No fires.

No dogs.

No radios.

No litter – this includes cigarette butts.

No children under 14 years old on Longreed unless accompanied by an adult.




 Longreed Ashreed

  1 Rod 2 Rods

ADULT £12 £7 £10

CHILD (under 14’s) £8 FREE FREE

OAP (weekdays only) £8 £5 £7

EVENING (from 3pm) £8 £5 £7




Lakes open at 7am and shuts 1 hour before dusk.

Large parking area.

Toilet facilities - New for 2006 and still going strong! A Poona-box system based on the Biocloset – a self composting toilet, is located In the same field as Longreed on the right hand side of the lake in the trees.

Transport (quad bike & trailer) available for disabled (or the lazy if willing to pay) please contact us beforehand.

Lakes and fishery hut available for club and match bookings.

Ideal for corporate days.








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