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Llyn Y Gors

Don't be put of by the name - pronouncing it is probably the most difficult thing about our fishery - and you don't need a passport to get to Ynys Mon (the Isle of Anglesey).  Translated literally, it means lake in the bog or marsh.  It appears on original Ordnance Survey maps as a marshy area covering part of what is now the Carp Lake and the adjoining land.  The marsh is still there, attracting countless species of birds, butterflies, wild flowers and other forms of wild life.


The fishery itself is firmly in the 21st Century.  It is an independent fishery - newly owned by Kevin and Karen Coe - catering for specimen and pleasure anglers who look on angling as a means of pure relaxation.  You won't find hundreds of pegs for match anglers here.  What you will find is choice: hide away among the trees round the Carp Lake, fish for specimen fish in Thompson's Pool, fish virtually outside your own caravan on the Pleasure Lake, teach your kids to fish on the Children's Lake, take part in one of the matches on the 30-peg Match Lake - sometimes even in fancy dress - or tuck yourself away in a secluded corner somewhere and let the rest of the world do the worrying.  Our Self-Catering Accommodation is only a stone's throw from the lakes - and useful as a base to explore Anglesey and Snowdonia - or bring your own tourer or tent on to our Camping Field.


Llyn Y Gors is aimed at anglers getting away from the busy ways of life and fishing for pure enjoyment. Bags of 173lb have been seen on the Pleasure Lake and average fish of around 6lb. On the match lake there have been bags of 175lb with fish at an average of 3lb.


Our Carp Lake is unique in North Wales. Originally created over 30 years ago and this mature tree-lined water of around 5 acres is home to a healthy stock of carp, pike and catfish. The carp stock of over 400 fish run from 8 lb to 34lb and the pike and catfish have been caught over 27 lb. As promised two new mirrors were stocked into the Old Carp Lake weighing 32 lb 8 oz and 34 lb in January 2006. They are not big bellied fish, very broad shouldered with plenty more room to grow!!.


The pike range from "Jacks" to angry 25 lb+ specimens and the Catfish up to 27lb all provide consistent sport throughout the year. The lake itself has loads of features with islands, lillies, snags etc harbouring fish and almost crying out for baits to be cast to. Particle baits are banned, shelf-life and frozen boilies are available including Kevin Nash, Nutrabaits, Richworth, Dynamite, Heathrow Baits and many more. With the full range of boilie mixes, flavours etc. to choose from in the on-site Tackle Shop, there's no excuse for not catching. We allow night fishing, but numbers are restricted so that the lake is not under too much pressure. Many of the swims are large enough to take two-man bivvies, and there are six brick-built barbecues around the lake. And for the long-stay carp anglers, we have toilets and a shower on site. Anglers may fish with three rods as long as they have been given permission from fishery staff.


Booking is essential - especially for night swims.


Swims can be booked for 24 hour sessions (sunday to thursday only) for £25, and you can now buy a weekly ticket ( 7 x 24 hours) for only £125. This also applies to residents in the Cottages and on the Camp Site - swims have to be booked separately in advance.


Day tickets (7.30 am to dusk) are £15.00



The record carp on The Old Carp Lake is currently a 31lb Mirror 4oz caught by Chris Burgess but a 34lb 9oz Mirror Carp was stocked in October 2005.


The record for a catfish on The Old Carp Lakel is currently 27lb 4oz and is held by Dick Williams


Barbecues are also placed around various swims. Please refrain from using the disposable barbecues as they are a fire hazard!! Charcoal and Fire Lighters etc are available from the tackle shop. Burgers,sausages etc are also available so you don't get hungry!!


To book a swim, telephone us on 01248 713410 or email us at [email protected]


PLEASE NOTE:Booking of a particular swim is not available, only a space on the lake can be booked. Swims can only be chosen on arrival.











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