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Little Horseshoe

Welcome to Little Horseshoe Lake. This mature four-acre gravel pit is very intimate in every sense of the word, and if you treat the residents both aquatic and terrestrial with deserved respect you will enjoy some wonderful moments and some incredible experiences.

There is a plethora of animal and bird life around the lake, and you will hear the constant calls of green wood peckers, mimicking what at first appears to be the sound of gulls. The banks are planted with native vegetation, and you will easily find yourself lost from the angler next door!


 A Few Edges

There are a few little tips and wrinkles we would like to pass on that could make the difference to your angling experience, and we will say now this is not a lesson in teaching grandma how to suck eggs, but rather the feedback from the specialists who regularly fish the lake for the carp it contains.

The biggest mistake most anglers make is to assume that because the lake holds some four hundred carp that they love lots of bait on their heads, quite the opposite is true, they hate having spods raining down on them, and it is a kiss of death, and we cannot stress this one point enough!

Little and often: small PVA bags with dry stick mix or a marine type groundbait with the addition of a few chopped boilies is all you need to do the job. If you want to put some freebies in then literally half a dozen or so around the hooker.

Rigs: keep it simple on the silt and bars coated hooklinks and or the stiff Hinged Rig with boilies, balanced baits or pop-ups works a treat. In the gaps between the weed or below the tree-line the Chod Rig has done exceptionally well there this season, but do make sure you use a very buoyant hooker. Fish slack lines all the time, as slack as you can get away, tight lines seem to be another no-no, and the carp will “do your rig” quickly when approaching the water this way.


Another little edge is to fish over the weedbeds and get the rig as close as you can to the inside edge of the weed, this is where the small PVA rig comes into its own here. If the weather is warm don’t overlook the margins, they are regularly visited by the fish and with care are very catchable. Small pellets, half a handful of tigers or maggot and castor are all excellent for margin work.

In the summer months surface fishing for the carp can be very productive, but also quite frustrating, but certainly always worth a try! Maggots also work well in the PVA bag and do produce a lot of bites in the winter months fished on slightly lighter tackle and smaller hooks balanced out.



The underwater topography of the lake is very variable, and you can find shallows that drop into very deep water, sensible plumbing assists. Much of the aquatic vegetation is visible with the use of Polaroid’s, and you will soon see the routes taken by the patrolling carp.


Little Horseshoe (Lake 3)


24 hour &  day tickets are available for Little Horseshoe.


Tickets are available from the Tackle Den tel. 01285 862716


£15 3 rods dawn til dusk

£25 3 rods 24hrs and run from noon 'til noon







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Day Tickets



Tickets are available from the Tackle Den tel. 01285 862716


All day and 24 hour tickets are available from The Tacke Den which is open 7 days a week as follows:

Mon to Sat, 8am to 4pm

Sun, 8am to 1pm

(Closed for lunch between 12:00 and 12:30)


If you would like to pay for your ticket in advance, please send a cheque made payable to 'Watermark Europe' and send to :


Adrian Davey

The Watermark

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