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Le Lac Kingfisher Reserve


Le Lac Kingfisher Reserve


Kingfisher has 5 swims at present, and can fish 5 anglers in comfort with 1 swim being a double swim able to fish 2 anglers in comfort, all the swims on the west side of the lake fishing to the far back and sides. The fishing is all to features of over hanging trees lily pads with great margin fishing and is ideal for the angler who does not like to cast far. Kingfisher reserve is set in quiet, peaceful oak and pine woodland totally secure with a fenced perimeter. It is available for hire in its entirety or on an individual basis.Remote control boats are aload on this lake as most of the fishing is to over hanging trees in the margins



Fish Stock Levels


The reserve is stocked with approximately 400 plus mirrors and 150 common carp and has some great sport to offer angler that like smaller waters or just like to hear the buzzes screaming off, being used primarily as a stock lake for Lac Fishabil lake to increase the growth and size of some of our smaller fish. The average size of these fish is between 10 to 25lbs, but with some fish in the low 30 to 40lbs. There are some catfish between 15 to 40lbs with pike, zander,Tench, bream and roach all available to fish for.


Price tariffs for 2007


Fishing Tariffs 2007 Self Drive Kingfisher Reserve ( bivvied up )  


Carp/Fishing February - December

24 hour fishing = 1 Day



Carp/Fishing February - December

3 Days fishing = ( long weekend )



Carp/Fishing February - December

7 Days fishing = 1 Week



Complete Lake Hiring - Fishes up to 5 anglers for

7 days from Feb - Dec



Lake Records up to 2006

Top rods in 2006 saw 4 individual anglers having 1 tone hauls of carp and cats, with the average weight of carp going over the 31lb mark. The average catch for anglers fishing 1 week is around 20 to 30 fish.




Mirror Carp 59lb.14oz

Leather Carp  56lb.02

Ghost Carp  44lb.12oz

Common Carp  56lb.6oz

Crucian Carp 1oz  

Silver or Blue Carp  56lb 6oz

Grass Carp  59lb.06oz

Sturgan 52lb 2oz

Pike 38lb

Zander 28lb 6oz  

Cat fish

Bream 19lb.1oz

Roach 4lb

Eel 9lb 6oz  

Black Bass  1lb 1oz  

Perch 3lb 2oz  

Tench 16lb 5oz  

Trout 2lb 7oz  














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