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Our stunning 12 acre lake is set in a beautiful rural setting, and is one of the most respected of the premiere lakes in the Limousin region of France.


The lake is only 35 minutes from Limoges Airport, with flights by Ryanair or Flybe from a number of UK Airport.


Our SARL Registered Fishery conforms to all Regulation Standards and offers fantastic value for money.  


Everything you need is included in the top quality All Inclusive Package Price, with NO hidden extras to pay for.  

We are still one of the cheapest All Inclusive venues for what is included in our package, and offer a friendly service with excellent facilities.  


The lodge is situated at the far end of the lake, with shower, toilet, kitchen and dining room where all meals are served.  Bivvy breakfasts are available for anglers who do not want to leave their rods.Included in the Package are a full English Breakfast and Evening Meal/Dessert with free wine.  Fresh mains water and gas bottl e are also included free, which you would pay extra for on most other lakes.  And of course your fishing equipment which includes: -3 Rods, Double Bivvy, Bivvy Table, Bedchair, Fishing Chair, Mat, Weigh Sling, Scales, Net, Kettle, Mug, Spoon, Welcome Pack


There are 9 swims, but we only allow 6 fishermen per week to give our anglers the maximum space.  These swims are accessible all the way around the lake.


We offer the opportunity of catching some stunning carp, the largest to date is 63lb (2010).  There are a number of amazing specimens in the 50's, 40's and 30's, but this is NOT a runs water, so do not expect to catch lots of smaller fish - not much under around 28lb, so for the enthusiastic and dedicated angler who really wants to catch some huge lumps, and is prepared for a fight on their hands, this is the place for you.


The carp are all in superb condition, and along with the natural food resources in the lake, we feed our fish throughout the year on protein pellet, and the growth rate is phenomenal.  This really is a great fishing  experience with the majority of our anglers exceeding their personal bests.There is no weed or snags.There is no Poisson Chat.


We have a 24 hour Bailiff with over 45 years knowledge and experience in catching large carp, and he has been photographed many times in most of the well known fishing magazines over the years.  He will advise and assist if required, and his meals are legendery - all freshly cooked.Come and take a piece of this tranquil haven, switch off, relax and enjoy our Carp Anglers Paradise that is LAC LES PINS.  


Why look elsewhere when Paradise awaits you.


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French Carp lake

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