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La Grand Vallee



There are two lakes at La grande vallee,


The large lake being just over 4 acres and the adjacent smaller lake being 1 acre, set in countless hectares of private woodland in a totally secluded and tranquil valley.


The main lake is well stocked with Mirrors, Commons and a scattering of Grass Carp.


The Carp go to well over 40lbs with the average catch being around the high 20's to mid 30's.


The small lake is more intimate with a good head of fish, perhaps not as large around the high double to low 20's, however be warned it can throw up a few surprises.


The fish have not been pressured, so when caught fight like mad.


 its the perfect venue for novice carp anglers, however the more experienced  carp angler can still have a great week's fishing.


It's not a difficult place to fish. Even occasional carpers can be very successful without having to fish full-time or nights.


You can drive and park at the lake side so no lugging gear for miles at the start of your holiday. . . . result !


The Main Lake is just over 4 acres. Long and narrow, it's a margin water with no long chucks needed.


You can take mates that are recent converts to carp fishing without worrying that they'll struggle.


A maximum of 4 anglers makes for great stalking.


The Bay swim is the perfect place to bivvy up and comands a lot of water.


The 1 acre Small lake provides even faster action. Mostly doubles, but with the chance of a biggie.




Good fishmeal boilies do the job.


Maize works well. Shelf-life boilies don't.


There is freezer storage for your own baits.


 A stock of prepared maize, pellet, and boilies  are available  for 3€, 2€, and 15€ per Kg , respectively.




Simple really, no barbed hooks, no sacking,no fixed bolt rigs, keep the lake clean and tidy,


Please keep noise to a minimum


French Carp lake



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