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We hope you'll find everything you need to know about J and S fishing lake on this web site but please don't be afraid to drop us a line if you cannot find what you're looking for.


A bit about us

We started off by running TJ's Angling on the river Soar, taking a very run down stretch of river and turning it in to a much loved stretch with fantastic fishing and wild life.


So why the change?

Well we felt it was time to move on to somewhere we can really make our mark.

The river was great but we couldn't stock it nor could we add plants or improve access etc.

All this we can now do, in fact we're all ready adding and improving things as you read this website.


The lake

The lake is sited just south of Melton Mowbray on the out skirts of the Leicestershire village Queniborough. The lake is approx 2.5 acres in size ranging from a few feet deep to 18ft/20ft in one part,the average depth being round 10-14ft

It holds a number of specimen Carp to over 30lbs with the biggest landed todate standing at 33lb, the average size of the Carp are late teens to early 20's.

There are also number of big Bream to 13lb + with a few good Tench. Roach and Perch.With reed beds over hanging trees, lillies and an abundance of underwater features to keep you scratching your head as where to fish for hours.


The lake is stocked with approx 120 + well chosen fish meaning the lake is not heavily stocked like most commercial waters.

We feel that a heavily stocked lake is not true fishing and doesn't offer the angler a challenge any more.

Its all to easy to drop a line in and pull out a fish on these commercial waters 'where's the skill in that?'. Wouldn't it be better to work at a nice quiet water with possibility of no one else being there and the added bonus of being able to catch quality fish. Don't think this is a runs water as it can test even the most seasoned of angler. If you like a challenge then this is the lake for you. Put some home work in and reap the rewards of fish to 30lb +.


The lake has a number of permanent pegs with in easy access from the car park at side of the lake.

Access to the car park is via a security gate and short drive along permanent gravel road, Onsite facilities include a toilet, baits by vision baits and a local curry house and piza house that will deliver to the gate.


Bailiffs tip


Keep things simple and nail every inch to the deck, refine your rigs, don't just cast and hope, watch the water as the fish are very visual, listen to the bailiff or the owner and you wont go far wrong.



Members will be able to enjoy exclusive all year round fishing every day of the week including night fishing at no extra cost on their membership price.


Non members 24hr tickets are strictly booking only


Please be aware the lake is locked at all times all non members will need to make an appointment with us to visit the the lake.





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