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Goose Green

Six of the Society's 12 lakes are situated at our Goose Green complex near Ashington, West Sussex.  


The long planned expansion of Goose Green started to take fruition on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th March 2005, see the Goose Green page for the latest updates on the work in progress. Deep Lake is currently closed due to ongoing fishery improvement works, all other lakes at Goose Green are open.


These lakes vary in size and depth and offer superb pleasure and match fishing in a woodland environment, that contains many different species of birds, from Blue, Great & Long Tailed Tits, Tree Creepers and Nightingales to Buzzards soaring overhead.


Lakes 1 & 2 have been merged into a single larger lake, along with what was hidden pond, the lake has now filled up following it's excavation in 2006 and has been planted with a variety of native plants, shrubs and trees, more details and photographs on our Goose Green page, this lake contains Carp of all sizes from ounces to doubles, Bream, Tench, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Skimmers, Crucians and Gudgeon.


Lake 3 holds a large head of Carp, Hybrids, Bream, Skimmers & Tench with literally thousands of good Roach & Rudd, pleasure catches in excess of 60lb are commonplace in the Summer months.


Lake 4 has been stocked predominantly with Bream, Skimmers, Hybrids, Crucians, Hybrids, Tench, Gudgeon, Roach & Rudd, it also holds a small head of Carp to 6lb, pleasure catches in excess of 50lb are commonplace in the warmer months.


New Pond is a small lake holding just four pegs, but don't let the relatively small size of this Lake put you off, as it contains a good head of quality fish, including Crucians, Tench, Skimmers, Perch, Carp, Roach & Rudd.


Tench Pond, as it's name suggests is stocked with Tench, there is also a good head of silvers and a few Carp present in this Lake.


The car park is adjacent to five of the six lakes and offers ease of access especially for our less able bodied members, we have also removed every set of steps around the fishery and replaced them with ramps.













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