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Genesis Carp Lake


In the deepest area of Orne ( lower Normandy ) you will find the French carp lake "GENESIS" where the nearby town of Carrouges (15 minutes away) lies with it’s chateau from the 14th century. The owner at the time was a French Knight, Sir Jean de Carrouges, who was surrounded with mystery, romance and valour. In 1367 the town and castle was destroyed by the English, and rebuilt by order of Charles V of France.


 We bought the lake earlier in the year and have been busy preparing swims, etc. 2 ton of Carp went into the lake in February 08. There are commons and mirrors with 7 koi’s and one grass carp as a bonus. They range from 13 lbs upto 35 lbs and a good head of 20lb+ . This was in addition to existing stock so a mystery catch could be on the cards! The lake has never been seriously fished and is over two hundred years old (pre Napoleonic).



We (Eddy and Val) are 4 hours from Boulogne,  4 1/2 from Calais, 2 hours from Le Harve, about 3 1/2 from Dieppe and 2 hours from Caen.


The lake is 12 acres and an average depth of 2 metres. We have 5 double swims but only ever a maximum of 6 anglers at any one time so there’s always another swim available should you wish for a change of luck not that we think you’d need it.


 La Chaussee is a quiet little hamlet of around 6 houses and the lake runs the length of it. About 10/15 minutes away is the town of Pre en Pail where there are numerous shops/bars and garages including a 'Super U' supermarket where you can get all the things you’ll need.


We have a new shower block (two showers /toilets/basins) and a dining area overlooking the lake. We have also installed 6 security boxes with plug points in for your personal things ie mobile phone, cameras etc.



A warm welcome awaits you. Bon chance! (Good luck!)





When you arrive at Genesis you will be greeted with refreshments and a chance to chat about what’s been happening and who’s caught what. The shower/toilet block, which is open 24/7, incorporates two cubicles of which there is a shower, toilet and basin all of which are brand new and there is plenty of hot water.


Should you wish for the full package, home cooked breakfast and evening meals are available and served in our dining area. This seats 8 and there is a TV for your enjoyment.


Also in the dining area you will find 6 security boxes with power points for those valuable items such as mobiles and cameras for charging overnight, or your passports and car keys, all lockable and secure.


We are on site all the time so any advice or help in anyway is no problem, you only have to ask.





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Phone: + 33 233 32 82 37  

Mobile: 07933790890




Where we are


If you’re a newcomer to French angling don’t worry, driving in France is a breeze. The motorway system is simple and, dare I say, almost empty. No M25 hold ups here!



On approach to motorways you will see 'Peage'. This is where you get a ticket for the tolls, just grab a ticket and go. At the other end, give it to the assistant and they will tell you what to pay ( so have some Euros with you). From Boulogne, its around 20 Euro’s each way.