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Etang de Kinhshaw

 We are delighted to offer you this brand new lake for 2007.

This lake has never been commercially fished before!

Located in the Champagne Ardenne region of France close to the Belgium border.

It is approximately 7.5 acres in size and is available for a

maximum of 6 anglers with a number of swims to choose from.


All the necessary amenities are supplied for you to have a memorable weeks fishing.

Journey time from Calais is approx 3.5 hours.

Most of the journey is on very good motorways with plenty of service stations along the route.


Formally a gravel pit, dug over 30 years ago.

This mature tree lined 7.5 acre lake is set within 12.5 acres of land.

It has good depths ranging from 3ft-26ft. Drops about two feet during the hot summer months.

We have put in a number of swims to choose from, 5 singles and 3 doubles. All are purpose built and well spaced.

Each angler is provided witha a bar-be-que and a water container which will be filled daily.

There is also a number of Carp Portersat your disposal to make life easier ferrying your gear to and from your chosen swim.

We have stocked the lake with a mixture of common and mirror carp up to 47lbs (so far...) plus a catfish weighing 40kg/88lbs. All these fish have yet to see a hook.


We have been informed by the previous owner that there is a lot of original fish that were put in when the lake was dug. So there will hopefully be a few surprises coming out.


During the summer you will be able to find shade from the sun under the trees that line the lake





















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