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You need a fishery that will deliver the fish you dream of.


You need a fishery that gives you plenty of options and the scenario for great fishing.


You need a company who have taken all the work off your hands because you need a holiday.


You need Eden’s Lakes.  


Suddenly, Eden’s Lakes is the name on everyone’s lips. Since we’ve taken the fishery over we’ve added tonnes of carp to all of the lakes, developed the fishery and the facilities to give you EXACTLY what you want from a French fishing excursion and we’ve tailored our holiday packages to suit you AND your budget. No other fishery offers you as much for your money. Situated in the picturesque region of Limousin in South West France, Eden's Lakes has everything you'll need to make your French carp fishing holiday an experience you will never forget.


3 ‘Perfect’ lakes...


North Lake

This lake has it all! Specially chosen to be our all-rounder water, it's 5 acres in size and stocked with over 170 pukka, hard-fighting carp. It boasts a massive head of 30-40 lbers with 'whackers' topping 50 lbs plus. Stock also includes catfish, grass carp, cracking koi and a stunning sturgeon.


Jolly Pad Lake 

A true specimen water which is home to 'the biggies'! 3 acres in size and packed with awesome fish, 90% of which are upper 30s, 40s and 50 lbs plus. With those odds, PBs are bound to be broken! This lake also boasts fantastic specimen koi, ghost common carp, grass carp and another stunning sturgeon. A lake with truly exquisite stock.


Simon’s Lake

The third water in Eden's Lakes crown was newly-opened in 2009 and is also 5 acres in size. It holds over 220 carp and was specially developed as a runs water, (results so far have been mind-blowing.) Simon's Lake has been stocked with over a tonne of perfect uncaught carp, along with exceptional koi, ‘ghosties’ and grass carp for that extra something special. A runs water with a difference!


The Facilities

Adjacent to the lakes sits a fully equipped chalet for the anglers to use. Who could say no to a hydro-massage shower after a hard days hauling! Plus, there’s a flushing toilet, excellent cooking facilities including hob, microwave and barbecue. And don’t worry, there’s fridges and freezers to keep your bait and food fresh for the duration of your stay.


Future Plans

We intend to keep developing Eden's Lakes as a fishery which is already second to none. Developments include an anglers’ lodge, satellite T.V, a six-berth mobile home for each lake, new stock continually added to each lake and a breeding programme for our seven stock ponds. Watch this space!

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