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Earith Carp Lakes

The site contains seven lakes from 24 acres down to ¾ of an acre where stock levels are constantly monitored to achieve the best results. There are king carp and very large coarse fish in all lakes (including large pike and Wels catfish).

There is a good selection of purpose built swims, many of which enable anglers to deliver their gear very close to where they are fishing.


The annual tickets run from 1st April to 31st March and no-one is required to do work on the site, although any offers of help are much appreciated. Members can bring their non-fishing wives without charge and there is no restriction on how long anyone can stay on the site.



 We have a membership second to none, and our members are very experienced carp anglers. Obviously some anglers are more experienced than others, but everyone without exception is pleasant and helpful to their fellow anglers. This is something we wish to maintain thus there is a need for new members to supply a reference. The noise levels on the site are exceptionally low, being well away from the main roads and even further away from the railways, schools and other major creators of noise. We have the added advantage of not having any ugly or dangerous elecricity pylons within sight of our fishery.



Fishery Pricing 2009 : No closed season and full 12 months fishing from when you join. Plus no work parties (unless members feel they are needed). There is a price increase in 2009 but prices have only been increased in line with requests from members to reduce syndicate numbers. In actual fact, by syndicates being reduced by as many as 10 members each, the fishery will take less money than it did in 2008. My only concern, re. reducing the membership, is ensuring sufficient bait goes in to keep fish feeding and to help to put weight on them; so I'm looking for a membership that will pile the bait in.



Virginia, Virginia and Coot and Willow Walk Tickets   £360 New members,

£310 Existing members ( unlimited sessions).  



Virginia Tickets (New angling members) Adult Ticket Husband and Wife Ticket Junior Ticket (12 - 15 yrs.)

Full year (Whole week 24 hour fishing) £360 Virginia


£360 Willow Walk

 £550 Virginia

£550 Willow walk


Half adult ticket but must come with an adult member.  


Full year (Dawn to dusk fishing) £220 Virginia


£220 Willow Walk

 £330 Virginia

£330 Willow Walk




Whole Site Ticket  £550 New members,

£490 Existing members (unlimited sessions).  


Guest Day Ticket  Mon -Thurs  £15  

 Fri - Sun and Bank Holidays  £20  

Guest 24 Hour Ticket  Mon a.m. - Fri a.m.  £25  

 Fri p.m. - Sun and Bank Holidays  £30  


(Deals available for stays over 3 or more days)


No membership will be accepted unless accompanied by the fee, a reference (in the case of a new member), a signed and fully completed information slip, a stamped addressed envelope and 2 passport size photographs. Anglers can process their own photographs using a digital camera, which you can print off using a computer printer. Your membership fee can be paid by cash or with a cheque but membership does not begin until cheques clear.

N.B. You may be interested in joining a waiting list, by paying a non-returnable holding fee / administration fee of £50. When you join we will credit this fee against your joining fee and if we are not able to supply you with a membership place within a month of your choosing, your £50 will be refunded to you if this is what you require.  


If you wish to join any of the Earith Carp Lakes, please print out and fill in the joining form, date and sign it and post it to us with a reference .Your reference must cover how you get on with others, would you look after the site and the fish, would you stick to the rules and are you a trustworthy type







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 or call him on


 07759 199256.