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Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate is run on a private estate which is not open to the general public. It has a small exclusive membership of friendly anglers.


The lake, fished by the Syndicate, is a mature ten acre gravel pit situated in the famous Colne Valley near Rickmansworth. It was dug some thirty years ago and contains many interesting features. There are around two hundred carp present, the majority being commons between thirty and forty three pounds. Most of these fish were stocked in 1996 at an average weight of two pounds however there are a few original mirrors to just over forty pounds. In June 2004 the lake received a further stocking of twenty "leney's" around the seven pound mark all of these carp are now over twenty with one or two now making thirty pounds.


During the summer months multiple catches are quite common, with most fish weighing over thirty pounds and many are now thirty five plus. The growth rates and stock levels are monitored closely in the best interests of the fishery and its members.


The season runs from the 1st April to the end of February inclusive with syndicate members being allowed to fish a maximum of forty eight hours at any one time. This rule is in place to alleviate any long stay anglers. Two rods may be used until 1st of November when a third rod can be used at the angler's discretion.


The Syndicate has the use of full toilet facilities and running water at all times.


The estate is very well kept with a five hundred yard stretch of river included in the membership containing most coarse fish and a very good head of carp to well over twenty pounds. There are only four anglers allowed on the river at any one time.


Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate is pleased to announce that we have obtained a mature seven acre carp lake (Cressacres) on the same exclusive estate. A new fifty man syndicate will be setup,these anglers will be given priority on the Croxley Hall Carp Syndicate waiting list. Further details can be found at


Notice BoardKHV (koi herpes virus) - Aug 19 Tue 19:12


There has recently been an outbreak of KHV (koi herpes virus) at a well known fishery in the Colne Valley. This devastating viral disease is untreatable and can cause a total wipeout. Any fish which survive will become carriers of the virus. The reason for this message is to alert you to the situation if you have recently fished at other fisheries, particularly in the Colne Valley. Your wet nets, mats, etc could be a potential virus carriers so please observe the following procedures: Thoroughly disinfect all your equipment (at home preferably) in a bath of disinfectant for at least 15 minutes and then rinse out. This includes unhooking mats, landing nets, keep nets and anything that could have been in contact with water. Following disinfection thoroughly dry everything. Wet or damp items can still carry the virus. Equipment which is totally dried out cannot carry the virus. Members that intend to fish Croxley Hall in the future, please ensure you dip all your equipment in our dip tanks before you go near the lakes. They have recently been topped up with fresh disinfectant and this will provide a secondary barrier to your own efforts at home. DO NOT ARRIVE AT CROXLEY HALL WITH WET FISHING EQUIPMENT following a visit to another fishery or you will be turned away. PLEASE BE ALERT and ensure you take the above precautions and ensure other anglers are doing the same.





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