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Crow Green

Crow Green Fishery was born out of approx 16 acres of grazing land, just a field full of grass and no trees. In 1990 the land was purchased by the current owners, Jason & Karen Jopson. Jason a keen fisherman dreamed of having his very own fishing lake so that he could spend time fishing whenever he pleased.



Today Crow Green Fishery has 5 lakes.


  Main Lake

Over the course of time this lake has been well stocked with all the carp family up to a weight of 30lb, it makes it very popular for the dedicated carp fisherman. It also boasts large catfish, bream, roach, Pike and also has something unusual, Sturgeon.


  Match Lake

This lake is well stocked with Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream, Chubb, Barbel and of course the carp family. Used for pleasure fishing and of course open to bookings for club matches.


  Lilly Lake

A mixed stock of fish in this lake including large eels.


  Car Park Pond Lake

This pond has been well stocked with bream and the odd carp and sturgeon and is a popular fishing spot with families and beginners, it’s almost a bite a throw.


  Syndicate Lake

This Lake is Private and closed to new membership

















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