Chestnut Pool Carp Lake

Chestnut Pool Fisheries, Church Street, Langford
Near Biggleswade, Bedforshire, SG18 9QT

only 20 minutes from Huntingdon
Get off at Biggleswade (Sainsbury’s on your left) towards Old Warden. Pass the American Golf Centre, take the your first left towards Broom.
At junction go left towards Langford, you will go over a small bridge and pass Jordan Mill at the end of the road turn right onto the A6001 to Langford. Go through 1 traffic calmer system and we are on the right hand side opposite the Chestnut Pool Tourist information sign.


  1. A day ticket on this venue was £11.00 for a day ticket, It was well worth the money.
    I had 34 Carp, 40 odd skimmers in a 6 hour stint. I had a whale of a time, The method/hybrid feeder was for me on the day. With 1&3 mil micro pellets & alternating between them & method mix with 8mm & 10mm hook pellets/bollies. With a toilet & small shop on site, That was very handy. owner is always around for a chat and advice if you need it. keep up the good work Pete.

    (Posted on 2017-03-05 13:25:00 by Denis Shannon)
  2. Too many swims on this lake to fish comfortably. While I was there four leads or I should say method feeders landed in my swim and I wasnt even trying to fish against the small island in front of me. I saw fish being dragged in unceremoniously which explains why one of the carp my father-in-law caught had no lower jaw, the other one the extendable upper jaw was missing and was torn down both sides of its mouth. I saw people getting takes on carp rods walking backwards and striking only to land fish in the 3 to 5lb bracket god knows what damage they received. The fishery rules state hooks no bigger than an 8 and barbless, i found a braid rig with what had to have been a size 2 hook it was bigger than anything in my rig wallet hopefully it hadnt been used but I doubt it no one checked any ones rods. The shop only opened to take the money first thing in the morning, every time I went to browse it was shut. The one plus note my father-in-law caught some lovely bream that were in mint condition. This fishery appeared in a carp magazine and sounded like it could be fun to get some takes for my dad and father-in-law whilst they arent serious carp anglers they dont want to go back to the lake. From my point of view as a serious carp angler for fifteen years normally these waters are a light relief from all the blanks and hard work I would rather fish for roach on the canal than go back there. Than watch more carp suffer that kind of abuse.

    (Posted on 2010-09-15 18:38:00 by mark ellicock)