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The Catch 22 Fishing Centre at Lyng has been developed to provide first class fishing in this attractive part of the country. Situated just 10miles north West of Norwich in the Wensum Valley, the centre comprises of 2 lakes of about 20 acres (main lake) and 4 acres (No.2 Season Ticket Water). Great care has been taken with the landscaping and water management to provide a relaxing environment balanced with nature. The lakes have been stocked with 2,200 carp consisting of 70% common and 30% mirror carp imported under MAFF license in 1994 and 1995. These fish have been specially bred for their large fins and strong fighting quality. Just ask anyone who has fished here. Trolleys are available for transporting tackle around the lakes. Some of the swims have been specially adapted for the disabled and wheelchair access. There are thirty-one swims around the main lake, with eleven of these swims being large enough for two anglers. There is a shop on site selling tackle, food and refreshments, baits and our own carp pellets. There are also toilet and shower facilities and drinking water. Lodges are available for customers to hire so they can bring there family members or friends along for a holiday in this attractive part of the country. Each lodge can accommodate a maximum of four people. An island is available to fish from. This is situated within casting distance of the nature reserve.


Price List 2007


Day Ticket Lake: Carp Fishing (per person)

1st April - 1st November

Day Ticket 7.30am - 7.30pm: 15

24hours: 20

5 nights: 75

7 nights: 100

Island swim/ Peg 32 24hours 35 (Discounts for 4 nights or more)


1st November - 1st April

Day Ticket 8am - 5pm: 10

Other prices remain the same


Day Ticket Lake: Carp Fishing Concessions: OAP's/ Disabled (per person)

1st April - 1st November

Day Ticket 7.30am - 7.30pm: 10

24hours: 15

5 nights: 50

7 nights: 75


1st November - 1st April

Day Ticket 8am -5pm: 7.50

Other prices remain the same


Juniors (under 16): 1/2 price


Season Tickets (per person)

Day Ticket Lake: Mid-Week Ticket (Monday- Friday morning): 350

No.2 Season Ticket Lake: 350

Both for 12months


Pike/Coarse Fishing (per person)

Pike Day Ticket 1st November- 1st April: 5 24hours: 10

Coarse Day Ticket All Year: 10


Non-anglers: 3 per 24hours


All enquiries to:


Catch 22 Fishing Centre,

Lyng Eastaugh Road,





Telephone/Fax: 01603 872948  


























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If you have any questions feel free to mail us at [email protected] or use any of the contact points listed below:


Fishery Manager

Catch 22,

Walnut Tree Farm,

Lyng Easthaugh,




Tel: 01603 872948

Fax: 01603 872948

eMail: [email protected]


We can be contacted at anytime from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


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