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Carping Journeys Book Review




Reviewed by Jeff Hall on the 29th June 2009


Carping Journeys by Jason Ryder & Friends is now out  and I was one of the lucky few to be sent a preview 1st edition copy of this great book.


When the book arrived I knew it was going to be something special by the sheer size and volume of tis book. With over 368 pages of text and photos this book is packed with info and is great value.


The book is a collection of short stories around some the worlds greatest Carp Venues. The stories are told by some of the most accomlished Anglers and reveals many of their tactics and tips. It is an essential purchase if you plan or indeed fish on the continent or even if you just dream of it!


One of my favourite chapters was the chapter by Keith Moors about how he found a lovely lake in France and subsequently purchased it and moved to France to live and make a new life.


A great insight can be gained into the methods and tactics that are needed to successfully tackle the lakes and rivers of Europe.  


The book features many overseas anglers some of whom are fishing in their own back yards. First and foremost it is a publication devoted to the pursuit of big Carp and is far more than a holiday fishing guide. Over 120,000 words, more than 200 colour photos with 20 different authors. Carping Journeys visits two dozen venues across the continent in search of monsters and unique Carping experiences.


Including chapters from Chris Woodrow, Shaun Harrison, Jim Lightfoot plus many more! "


All in all I would recommend this book for anyone considering a trip abroad !




Carping Journeys - Available Now!!!



                                                                                                    word count

1. Laroussi-Roy Van Goor                                                            2,905

2. La Horre Hauling-John Whittick                                       11,590

3. Ton up Mega Haul at Boux-Jason Rider                           3,992

4. Abbey Lakes-Mario Tall                                                           3,464

5. Agony and Ecstasy-Shaun Harrison                                   5,000

6. Beachcomber’s Diaries-Part 2                                              13,945

7. The Path less Trodden-Jason Rider                                     3,607

8. Red hot week at Vivier-Nick Gent                                        3,051

9. October Barrage Session-Jim Lightfoot                             3,459

10. Lake Chira,Gran Canaria-Keith Gladden                         1,571

11. Lake Shumbar (Croatia)-Darko Lasnik                            3,479

12. Rainbow Lake-Richard Kaye                                               2,447

13. Paradis De La Peche-Paul Smith                                         5,493

14. Lac Du Der- Ron Woodward                                                3,812

15. Ken Townley-Chateau Lake                                                4,402

16. Chris Woodrow-Moon Phases                                            1,339

17. Roman Buczynski-Rhone Valley                                      10,151

18. Carp in Slovenia-Darko Lasnik                                           3,595

19. How Far Will You Go-Jason Rider                                    4,100

20. The Magic Moment-Andy Macgregor                             3,142

21.   Lake Integra- Giovanni Vanhooren                                3,200

22. Wild St. Cassien-Matt  Dent    7,800                                                                                                                


Bonus Feature-

A Bit Of A Fishery Business-Keith Moors 22,487


Published by MPress-Calm Productions:   Publishers of Terry Hearn,Micky Gray, Martin Bowler and Jim Shelley

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