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Please note that this lake has a maximum number of 10 anglers. The top lake is just over an acre in size, offering great fishing for big fish. The carp in this lake run up to 25lb when stocked, and our range of silver fish is also impressive. Most of our fish have never been fished for before, as the fight they put up would suggest. The Specimen lake has an island with 2 overhanging willows on either end, these are great spots to fish to, as is a sunken island down the middle of the lake, close to the reeds is another spot which, some of our regulars have recommended. The lake has been rid of all or most of the snags this gives you the piece of mind to be a bit more daring with where you place the bait. Fish: Carp to 25lb+ Bream to 7lb Tench to 6lb Roach Rudd Perch Eel Price list £15.00 7.00am - 7.00pm Night Fishing by prior arrangement







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