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Brooke Lake


Brooke Lake

Possibly one of the oldest gravel pits in Hertfordshire, formerly known as Heartbreak Pit.


The Brooke Lake is around five acres in size, it's features and make up make this a carp anglers dream. With reedy fringes, lily pads, gravel bars, silt channels and depths between 8 to 13 feet, there are endless possibilities to fish to and features to find.



The lake is a great place for you to fine tune your skills and learn all the techniques needed to be a successful carp angler. It responds very well to surface baits in the summer but standard bottom bait techniques work year round and the lake still fishes well throughout the winter months.


"Brooke Lake is fast becoming a top this space."Jerry Hammond



Over the last five years we have been developing Brooke Lake into what it is today, each swim has it's area of water to fish to and other anglers do not encroach on your swim. There are 14 swims, 4 of which are doubles bigger enough for two anglers to fish side by side with plenty of room.



The Lake is stocked with around 200 carp, with the average size being around 16lb, with at least three commons over 30-33lb and three mirrors up to 32lb. The fish are growing very well each year and we could very well see the average weight going up by 2-3lbs. There is also a good head of twenty plus pound fish, so plenty to go for and always a chance of a surprise too! The lake is also stocked with Tench to over 9lb and crucian carp to 4lb so bring your specimen tackle.


Brooke Lake is run as a day-ticket fishery, however season tickets are available which allow all year fishing, day and night.


Pricing Information


Standard day ticket available from the hut, £10 per day £8 concessions. The fishing is from dawn till dusk.


To fish nights there is a £25 membership fee, which gives you access to the fishery and the secure parking the additional access cuts out the long walk. 12 hours fishing costs £10, 24 hours cost £20.


The season ticket runs from March the 14th through to March the 13th the following year and costs £200. This allows 24 hour fishing as well as car park access.


From October the 1st till March 13th a winter ticket is available which also allows 24 hour fishing for £100 and car park access.


On-site facilites include a portaloo, which is cleaned daily. Fresh water is available and we have an on-site shop which has hot and cold snacks and basic supplies. Breakfast sandwiches can be ordered the night before and delivered to your swim in the morning.


Local take-aways deliver to the fishery (chinese, indian and pizza). On site bailiffs are around to give advice and help if needed.


There is no public right of way around the lake so you can be confident that your tackle and equipment is as safe as it can be.


Literally minutes away from three local tackle shops, Simpon's of Turnford, Johnson Ross.


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Call 01992 463656



Carthagena Fishery, Carthagena Lock, Broxbourne. Hertfordshire. EN10 6TA.



[email protected]


Resident Manager

Jerry Hammond