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Bluebell Lakes

Bluebell Lakes was established 14 years ago, opening in 1994, it has become one of, if not the very best big fish day ticket waters in the country. We believe that Bluebell Lakes is the also the only fishery in the country with two 60lb fish, ‘Benson’ and ‘The Creature’ with several back up fish from 40lb to high 50lband a massive number or carp for 20lb to 30lb.


Big carp is what Bluebell Lakes is famous for, but that’s not to say that there aren’t other species worth fishing with huge pike recorded at 41lb, beautiful bream, tench, chub, perch and roach. There are six lakes to choose from, two big fish waters ‘Kingfisher and ‘Swan’, two mixed fish water ‘Bluebell’ and ‘Sandmartin’, one dedicated carp runs water ‘Mallard’ and a small fish coarse pool ‘Wood Pool’. We also have a magnificent 2 mile stretch of the ‘River Nene’. All in all its top quality so come and visit us.




March - Mark Hogg's ealy season brace consisting of a 37lb Mirror and 42lb 8oz Common, sets the standard for a sensational 2007


August - Bev Street lands a Catfish at 66lb to break an 85 year old record for the biggest coarse fish landed by a femal angler.


October - Benson out at 61lb and The Creature out at 60lb.


These two fish now establish Bluebell Lakes as the only fishery with Two 60lb fish!


Bluebell Lakes Rules


Opening times:  1st April - 31st August  7am Open - 9pm Close  

 1 September - 31st March  7am Open - Dusk Close  


All anglers/partners/members must report to recption before going on to the complex.  

Drive to and park on your peg - after that strictly walking

No vehicles to be moved after dusk.

Park away from waters edge on the level ground.  

One partner to each paying angler.

If you are expecting your partner later - Inform reception and tell your partner to park in the car park.

Pike fishing only in Bluebell, Sandmartin and the river.  

All dogs must be kept with you on a lead and under control at all times.

No livebaiting.  

No braided mainline - Barbless hooks only - No keep sacks.

No nuts or trout pellet.  

No heavy drinking.  

No generators  

Fishing only from pegs provided. All rods must be kept in your own peg.  



Experienced carp anglers only, confident enough to handle fish ofup to 65lb.


All anglers must have a large well padded unhooking mat, a heavy duty weight sling, minimum 42inch landing net and aminimum of 12lb line (not braid)



Other rules may apply see reception for details  




Lakes Website

Address: Tansor, Oundle, Northamptonshire England.


Phone number: 01832 226042