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Blue Pool

Burghfield Blue Pool (Day Ticket Waters)    


LOCATION:  Cottage Lane, Burghfield, Berkshire, RG30 3UW.


SIZE:  Lake: 4 acres.


The venue can be booked on an exclusive basis at a cost of £125 per day, which entitles you to have a maximum of 10 anglers fishing the venue for 24 hours.


The lake has always had a very large head of carp and the decision was made to remove 150 of these fish to allow further development of the remaining stock and allow them to flourish and to reach their full potential. As a result of the de-stocking, the weed has returned to the gin-clear water and the stock is putting weight on at a rapid rate.


The fish, which include specimens upwards of 35lb, regularly feed within feet of the bank, highlighting this water as a fantastic one at which to try your hand at stalking carp. If a more static approach is your preferred attack, then setting out your stall and baiting a favoured area can be a very productive method, producing big hits to those putting quantities of bait onto well-chosen spots. With this fishery having a well-deserved reputation as a winter water and the fish feeding well all year round, this is the place to be when other fisheries are feeling the cold.


Other species are present including perch, bream, tench and roach but your bait presentation will dictate your success with these species.




Carp to 39lbs+.

Pike to 22lb 17oz.

Bream to 10lbs.

Perch to 3lbs 12oz.

Tench to 7lbs.

Roach to 2lbs.





The fishery has no close season. Tickets are available 365 days per year.




Up to 3 rods may be used.




1) No unaccompanied junior members (under 18).


2) No litter will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave if there is litter                   in, or around, your swim.


3) Only designated pegs may be fished. No swim-building or clearing is permitted.


4) All anglers must use the following:                      

a) Large landing net - at least 42”.        

b) Large, padded unhooking mat in excess of 36”.


c) A large weigh sling.


5) All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible. No sacks or keepnets allowed on site.


6) No unattended rods.


7) No bent hooks or longshank, curved hooks may be used.


8) Barbed hooks only except hooks in sizes 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, etc.    which may be barbed or barbless.


9) No fixed-lead rigs may be used.


10) Alcohol is permitted in moderation.


11) No nuts of any form may be used on this venue.


12) Do not place baits in areas that you may not be able to extract fish from safely.


13) Pike fishing, 1st October to 31st March. Separate pike rules to be observed.


14) Bait boats are not permitted on this venue.
















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The lake can be booked for £125 per 24-hour period. (10am-10am)


Winter tickets £62.50


Tickets may also be purchased from the CEMEX Angling office on 01932 583630