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Berners Hall

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Berners Hall is situated in the heart of the Essex countryside near the village of Fyfield, about 15 minutes from the Harlow Junction of the M11. This 24 acre farm reservior has twenty purpose built swims giving each angler more than an acre of water to fish. Stocked with over 400 carp there are now in the region of 120 twenties present, with plenty over 25lb. The biggest so far being 29lb and we are confident a few thirties should push through this coming season.


Lily Fisheries Carp Syndicate Rules 2007-8 Season


1. Maximum stay for angling will be 7 days.

2. Members must carry their membership card with them at all times and must be able to produce them on request from the management (Lily Fisheries), Farm Employees or any syndicate member or bailiff. No membership card no fishing. Whilst fishing your car park permit must be on display in your motor.

3. Members must have current Environmental Agency rod licence.

4. Members must be responsible for all litter in and around their swim. All litter to be taken home.

5. No tackle to be left unattended.

6. No boats, full size or bait boats are permitted. Peanuts are the only bait banned.

7. No more than three rods are permitted for angling.

8. There will be no sacking or retention of fish unless specifically authorised by the management.

9. Scales, weigh-slings, cameras etc must all be ready for use before the fish is removed from the water. Fish must be left in the landing net until everything is ready and must be out of the water for the minimum amount of time possible.

10. No leaders, braided main line or lead core to be used for fishing.

11. Only proper (large) carp unhooking mats and weigh-slings to be used.

12. To avoid the transfer of disease all nets, mats and sundry items must be bone dry before entering the site. Any member turning up with wet gear will be banned with immediate effect.

13. No dogs, fires, swimming or loud music.

14. Parking in designated parking areas. No access to lake perimeter.

15. Any member who has there permit withdrawn will be expected to leave the

premises immediately. Permits are not transferable.

16. No fish to be removed or introduced to the water.

17. Lily Fisheries and “The Farm” reserves the right to withdraw or suspend

permits at their discretion and in that event all rights of the former permit holder

shall cease and no refund of any monies shall be paid.

18. All decisions made by the management are final and not subject to appeal..







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