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Banjo Lake

At just over four acres in size this mature gravel pit has been recently totally renovated to provide the LVRPA with a day ticket fishery for new carp anglers or those looking to bag up. Following intensive remedial fisheries work, the lake was stocked in 2006 with 200 Mirror Carp between 2lb and 5lbs. An event on September 2006 shortly after the stocking resulted in 25 fish to the three anglers topped by one of the original mirrors at 251b 2oz now named "Melvyn's Fish", which is currently over 28lbs. Two further introductions have taken place: 40 C3 Fishers Pond Mirror Carp were stocked in early 2007 and recently in May 2008 30 Ben Gratwicke scaley Mirrors of between 5 to 8lbs completed the stocking having been grown-on from C1 in our Carp rearing facility.

This water is full of features i.e. gravel bars, plateaus, and beds of lily pads.


Permit Day

Price (£) Adult  10.50

Price (£) Conecessions  6.50

Max No. Rods  2

Open all year  Yes

Permit Night only  

Price (£) Adult  10.50

Price (£) Conecessions  6.50

Max No. Rods  2

Open all year  Yes


Permit 24 Hour

Price (£) Adult  15.50

Price (£) Conecessions  9.50

Max No. Rods  2

Open all year  Yes



Primarily stocked with Carp, plus Rudd, Perch and Tench.



The pit has many underwater features including bars, plateaus, gullies, tree stumps and expansive weed beds. The swims on the lake are very comfortable being formal and constructed to a high standard.



The fish have been fed regularly on pellet since the stocking. A good quality boilie fished with a PVA bag of pellets, on top of a scattering of pellets and boilies was the winning combination on the day of the event. Beware of fishing too close to the reed beds, as these are newly planted and fenced off with chicken wire to protect them from feeding waterfowl.





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