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Baden Hall Lakes

BADEN HALL FISHERY is now one of the largest pleasure fisheries in the country, comprising eight individual pools, covering over 30 acres of water and holding over 275 pegs, specialising in pleasure and club anglers.


All of the pools are stocked with coarse fish - carp, bream, roach, tench, barble, orfe, golden orfe, etc.


Six of the pools are available for match bookings, holding from 10-50 pegs per pool.  Two pools are for the pleasure angler only and are never let out for matches, thus ensuring over 100 pegs are always available for the day-fisherman, with carp reaching 32 lbs, bream 11lbs and tench 10 lbs. For more information on the individual pools, see the map in Fishery Pools, and follow the links. To see what matches are on this week, click here.


The newest addition to the fishery is the Specimen Carp Water. Since opening on the 15th June 2007, over 200 fish have been caught, the biggest of which was 32lbs. For more information on this water, follow the link.


Tickets must be obtained from Reception before fishing. If you arrive before 7:00am, you may go to a peg and set up, but you must first check the noticeboard at Reception for rules and matches, and you must return after 7:30am to pay. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket from the automated ticket machine, however you must have the correct money for this as it only takes coins, and gives no change. Baits such as meat, corn and pellet are available from Reception, as are refreshments such as cans of Coke and Fanta and chocolate bars.


Information on Baden Hall Fishery can also be found on the Angling Internet Site although this is not maintained by us and we cannot therefore take responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided there.


Open all year round - 7:00am to 9:00pm in summer. Dawn 'til dusk in winter.



The new Specimen Carp lake opened on Friday 15th June 2007, and the current record is 36lbs 4oz. On the 17th January 2008 four more large mirror carp of around 30lbs were delivered by Mark Simmonds and more followed in February. You can see photos of these fish at the end of this page.


    The lake is a mature gravel pit, set away from the rest of the fishery. It currently holds 18 single pegs, and each has its own individual fishing hut, complete with staging onto the bank, which is large enough for anglers' beds. An unhooking mat, landing net and weigh sling are supplied with each cabin and we ask anglers not to bring their own to reduce the risk of disease.


    The water is deepest close to the railway bridge where up to eight feet of water can be found just three rod lengths out before dropping to a maximum of 12 feet along the spine of the lake. Whilst the banks are shallow between Pegs 7 to 11, they shelve steeper along the railway bank from Pegs 1 to 7. Although much of the bottom is gravel and sand with some silt, there is a large open bed of gravel out from Pegs 16 to 18. In summer there is also a weed bed out from Pegs 14 and 15 which tends to hold a lot of fish.


    So far most baits have produced good results. In calm weather floating baits do well, particularly with anglers targeting fish in their swims or luring them to the surface with free offerings of dog biscuits or bread crust. With boilies, the fruity flavours such as pineapple or tutti fruity have produced the best results, although fish have been caught on every flavour. At other times the faithful old maggot also does the trick, with a maggot clip loaded with 15 to 20 wriggling baits on a medium sized clip on a D-ring taking plenty of fish in the right conditions. Because of the size of the fish, anglers must use at least 15lb line and a minimum Size 10 hook, although most anglers use anything between a Size 4 and a Size 10.


    The price is £30 for two rods per person per 24 hours. Access to the big fish water is between 12pm and 2pm and you must be ready to depart by 12pm the following day. For security reasons it is a lock-in water. Bookings must be made and deposits paid in advance to secure your peg. No visitors or companions are allowed and all baits to fish this water must be purchased from our Reception. All the big fish are tagged and we reserve the right to carry out spot checks on cars on departure. Click here for rules.


    To ensure fairness, pegs will be drawn from a hat in the morning and if you are fishing adjacent to a friend the adjacent peg will be issued to him/her where possible.


    If you look below you will see pictures of some of the fish that have been caught, the lake, and an example of the fishing hut.


    For any other information or if you have any other enquiries please ring in on 01785 850313.























































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