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Welcome to Etang de Avalon  carp and cats.


E'tang de Avalon has just  reopened after a 2 year break.Avalon is a  mature six acre lake surrounded  by 17 arces of beautiful french countyside and woodland,  offering an ideal venue for a relaxing carp fishing holiday .


Avalon  is home to approximately three  hundred carp, as well as a dozen cats. The  carp have already achieved weights in excess of 50lb and the cats have been caught  weigh€  exceeding  85lb.


Around the lake, there are six purpose  built cabins for anglers to use so no bivvies are required.


The lake has an average depth of nine foot and at the deepest point eighteen foot. The  lake is stream fed and t€ he regular turnover of fresh water coupled with the volume, ensures that the fish have the optimum environment in which to thrive.At Avalon,  you will find all the facilities you will need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.There are  english toilets and hot showers available for your use.


No licence or permit required.


Full night fishing, is permitted.




ALL EXCLUSIVE               £1450    UP TO SIX  ANGLERS


MEAL DEAL                     :  £100.00


We also have equipment available for hire.




Both the carp and cats respond well to a good quality food bait and anglers are respectfully asked to use as such Bait available to purchase and listed on on booking form these baits are recognised by the carp  as a source of nutritionavalon is located north of limoges in the Haute vienne department of the limousin region of central france.



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